Please click on the video above to give yourself an impression of the apartment and the garden. We welcome inspections if you wish.



Your Ocean Views hosts are Toni and Victor Konijn. As hosts and owners, we live upstairs on the premises with our 3 teenage children. Our upstairs home has its own separate entrance. We are home regularly and are always happy to answer queries, offer information that can make your stay easier or more enjoyable, or just have a chat. While we respect your privacy while you are downstairs, we enjoy sharing our upstairs deck with guests to enjoy the wider ocean and district views over a chat and a drink.



We are native speakers in English and Dutch. In the book case in the apartment you will find children and adult books in both languages. Additionally we have reasonable ability to converse in German and French, and are keen learners to greet you in your local language whatever it may be! If your understanding of English is limited or non-existent we enjoy aiming to find translation and interpretation services for you.



We are keen to do whatever we can to make your stay and preparations as comfortable as possible. If there are any services we can provide to assist you, please let us know! We enjoy lifting you from tourist level to enjoy local features as much as possible. Services we have provided for previous guests include:

  • Organising customised food shopping so your fridge and kitchen are filled  with your favourites when you arrive

  • Prepared dinner for your first night if your time or energy levels inhibit you to do so yourselves

  • Organise pick-up / drop-off with a shuttle bus from or to the airport or any other location

  • Facilitate translation and interpretation services for non-English speaking guests

  • Plan (and if applicable book) itineraries to visit local or wider Australian highlights including bushwalks, water falls, cycling trips, kayaking, snorkeling, surfing lessons, whale watching trips, and parasailing

  • Discuss and organise options for restaurants, cafes, theatres, and associated babysitting based on your preferred location, style, or kitchen culture.